Video Conferencing

Powerfull Distance Learning Tool

Conferencing for school

  • Thank goodness for Zoom, during this time of social isolation and remote learning, these video conferencing tools are lifesavers. 
  • They make it possible for teachers to maintain a human connection with their students and guide their learning from a distance. 
  • But they are not design for school as video conferencing platforms for teaching students.
  • We design the conferencing solution that meets the student requirements.
  • We listed the 3 group of requirements for school video conferencing system.

Small Group Instruction

  • Sessions focused on specific class or subject and this hall or class will have all the learning material for the subject like video and e-book. 
  • The available tool help to engage students and make the experience more meaningful and easy to discuss information and ask questions.
  • Allowing students to self-pace through recorded video and e-books. 
  • When student have video conference  with their teacher, that session will be spent more on hands-on, collaborative, and engaging tasks.

Facilitate a Small Group Discussion

Small group discussion is about student explore the subject chapter they read from e-books, debrief about a flipped video lesson, or unpack complex issues or topics related to topic they learn.
Help students in discussion on questions and have assistance from their classmates or seniors.
Providing an online space where crowdsource content can be shared for discussions.

Conferencing with Students

  • Allowed students meet their goals, progress, questions, and their concerns in learning.
  • Available schedule for class and allow students to sign up by notification.
  • Provide goal-setting activity to guide student progress.
  • Help to get students thinking about why they want to achieve a particular goal (academic or personal), how they will go about achieving it, and what success will look or feel like.
  • Goal-setting activity that engages students in the metacognitive practice of setting a personal or academic goal at the start of each week. Then teachers can reference this goal during conferencing sessions. 
  • Offering parent a sessions update and progress to keep them in the loop and lower anxiety levels.