Learning On Demand

Brings New Method to Educational System

What is Learning On Demand?

Learning On Demand is a facility and tools that helps students to access subject related enriched videos and documents that created by teachers and educators anywhere at anytime. It means students are not limited to learn a subject just in class time and if they could not completely understand a subject, they can learn it deeply by watching related videos after class time. At first it looks like a video streaming service like Amazon or Netflix but main difference is that this type of videos and contents enriched by other related contents such as  online assessments. There is two type of video contents in our system. The UGC contents that are creating by teachers and uploaded in their library, and subject related animations and documentaries that is providing by the ILMU platform from professional educators and learning content makers all enriched by online assessments. 

Online assessment system

No one wants to immediately change current learning methods to a new forms of learning system and we do not want to also. But in this special situation that our children have to seat at home and continue to learn and while Video Conferencing is a suitable tools for bringing classes to home, it is the right time to bring the new methods to help fulfilling the unwanted gaps and improve the learning methods. Learning on demand by enriched video contents that provides a variety of video contents with different method of teaching by different teachers that enriched with online assessments, can helps students to find the best videos for each subject to learn better. online assessment can analyses students response to each methods of teaching by teachers and suggest them the best videos that matches to their learning curve and the way of they understand a subject. The method that works for one student may not be very effective for another and vise versa.  Our teaching method by online assessment, will help to match students and teachers using AI realtime data analytics methods. While students has access to the videos of their classes and their own teachers, they can benefited from the other videos that other teachers creates in this system.