Distance Learning

Self Directed Learning Platform

A specific learning method in which the learner is able to control the amount of material they consume as well as the duration of time they need to learn the new information properly


Education in the world today has made great advances worldwide in forging inventive applications.

There have been many success stories of using television for education in many countries which has outlined the concept that television is basically not just an entertainment oriented medium and it is hostile to thoughts.

The main objective is to nurture and unlock a new breed of students and future workforce who are not only passive learners but also posses higher-order digital and thinking skills as defined by the Digital Blooms Taxonomy


Supplementary Enrichment and Enhancement

Content that is meta-tagged with curriculum data such as Learning Areas and Learning Outcomes as to enable self-paced and self-directed learning.


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Our Mission

ILMU Distance Learning has a lot of focus area especially in developing a new environment on learning session between students with media sources. These focus areas will help the consortium made achieve their goals


ILMU  are making fun and engaging content to attract the students. Because student are highly exposed to immersive content that desensitizes them to regular modes of learning content

Ensuring equal accessibility in urban and rural areas.

The gap between urban and rural student achievements have widened due to the lack of access to enrichment & enhancement learning services.

Capturing relevant data to enable personalized learning and to provide analytics for MOE policy making.

The vision of personalized learning for each student has been out of reach due to the inability to individually track the massive number of student

To Know More

The benefits of Distance Learning

Beside ILMU could engaging student with new medium of learning, ILMU are also benefits all side in developing new medium such as:

Engaging students with gamified and edutainment content with flexibility of adding external content from providers

The mobility of access without any limit of any range and time through various type of digital devices.

Real-time diagnostics assessment provides data for analytics and personalized learning

Big Data analytics and predictive machine learning provides MOE with insight to enhance policy making

Robust Content Delivery Network to equalize the quality of delivery to urban and rural students